If you are looking to have a gas line installed in your place of residence or business, count on the experts at Senergy Mechanical. With over 20 years experience, we’ve completed hundreds of installations for happy clients across Southern Ontario, and we understand what it takes to carry out a high quality, efficient and most importantly, safe gas line installation.

Clearly the simplest and most affordable way to get a gas line installed is to use a standard installation method, which largely has to do with selecting the most direct gas route possible. In a standard service gas line installation, it is installed perpendicular to the gas main, and is sent directly to the meter location. This method, obviously, avoids additional incurred costs, and greatly reduces the need for further maintenance in the years to come. Should a more complex gas line path be required, such as provision of meter location, the qualified experts arrive on site to provide with a custom order quotation and take great care throughout the entire gas line installation process.

However, regardless of the magnitude of your project, big or small, it requires the same approach. To have a gas line installed, the following criteria will need to be met:

Property Lot Number: You will need to have this on hand (usually issued by the land title office), prior to any discussion of gas line installation or repair within your facility.

The property’s official municipal address will need to be provided.
Elevation/Grade of the facility: It is important for us to know the level of the building’s elevation, as it will determine the length of the pipeline required.

Clearance Affecting issues: Are there any vents or openings in the building that may act as sources of ignition and thus, get in the way of the pipe-line installation?

The presence and coordinates of any buried underground facilities, trees, retaining walls, water, or septic pipelines.

The pressure and BTU requirements of the gas appliances you will be installing will need to be checked.

Provide a list of any additional work that needs be completed (such as trenching, backfilling or post installation repairs), in order to clarify the responsibilities and discuss the rates beforehand, to avoid additional charges.
Once all of these criteria have been met, and facts collected, Senergy Mechanical team of gas line installation and repair experts will gladly begin the work, obtain a permit, and take care of all the needed details on your behalf.

With hundreds of happy clients within residential homes, high-rise commercial buildings, as well as industrial facilities, we remain the authority for providing gas line installation and repair services across Southern Ontario. Please contact us today for a quote.

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