When it comes to plumbing, Senergy Mechanical Inc. can be counted on for a fast and quality plumber in Toronto. Our company has been providing residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services all other the Greater Toronto Area for a number of years.


Emergencies don’t have a schedule and can happen at any time and we are always ready to fix them. Our plumbers have the necessary experience to solve any plumbing problems and prevent ones from happening in the future. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week taking your calls and sending licensed plumbers to your establishments all while performing excellent and professional work.


Are you building a house and looking for a plumber? Senergy Mechanical Inc. specializes in custom home plumbing as well. We do all the work for you! The following is the list of plumbing services that we offer for builders:

• Drawings and blue prints creation
• Pipes and sewage systems installation
• Structural Engineering
• Hardware supply


Do you have your sink, drain or pipes clogged? Is your water pressure low coming from the faucet and is there leaking in your basement? These signs may mean that your water pipe is clogged or leaking. In this case, you can call Senergy Mechanical – your complete plumbing solution. Pipes and parts of the sink can get worn over time. As a result you may get leakage which can cause a mess. We understand how quickly a plumbing emergency can escalate and send out our plumbers to arrive at your house to efficiently solve your problem. Our Toronto plumbers are polite and honest and are always willing to help you repair, replace and install plumbing parts.

When it comes to choosing the right plumber in Toronto, you can rely on Senergy Mechanical Inc. Our prices are straight up and honest with no hidden fees or fine print. Whether you have plumbing emergency, building a house or having maintenance done, call Senergy Mechanical Inc. now to set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you! We promise you will not be disappointed, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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